CLA Safflower Oil Reviews

What is CLA Safflower oil

Safflower oil is also known as Carthamus tinctorius, it has been known around the world for its oil properties a lot of people use to cook and marinate their food with it. The whole plant itself is very useful. You can extract the oil used for cooking from the seed, and the flower petals can be used as an herb for cooking or making tea.


It is helpful with weight loss

It has been researched that oil is not only good thing you can use with this amazing flower it can also help lose weight. They should start a safflower oil or by product on a daily basis to help loose that excess weight. This product works well for those who have the weight problem in belly and gut. Such problem comes from fat being stored around the organs and on the exterior of your ab muscles which is called visceral fat is the number one cause for insulin resistance which leads to major health problems such as; type 2 diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Just a 16 week regiment period of CDL Safflower and it will help you lose the weight. You can find this product in many different ways they have mayonnaise with safflower in it, you can also have in its straight oil, herb for tea or cooking, and last but not least pill form. It is said to have a chocolaty taste to it.


Skin and hair benefits

This all natural product can help with your skin and hair. It has vitamin E properties which is powerful in helping protect your hair and keep it looking beautiful. It can also help with hair growth which a lot of Americans suffer from. For proper use you drop a couple drops in the palm of your hand rub into you scalp and leave it alone for 45-60 min this rinse and wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Skin problems with acne and damage from sun UV rays this all natural product can help you improve your skin for a natural glow. When using this product for your skin you will need to mix it. How to do that you take 10-15 drops of the safflower oil and mix it with grape seed oil (it will help absorb into your skin) pour into a bottle and shake till well blended. Keep in refrigerator to keep from smelling rancid from the safflower oil. When using you wash with lukewarm water and soap then apply few drops of this product in your palm and rub on your face avoid eyes.

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